Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin, Media Hypocracy and the One-edged Sword

First CNN takes pot shots at abstinance education with vitriolic ferver.

The one of our favorite philosophers Bill Bennett (who knows something of hypocritical media attacks posing as journalism) weighs in on the issue and has a heated exchange attacking his employer CNN for using those extreme far-left talking points and trying to pass them off as journalism.

Then another good Neoconservative, Bill Krystol, appropriately lays the smack-down on Mort Kondrake (even calling such a suggestion disgusting) for suggesting that Sarah Palin's daughter getting pregnant is 'proof' that abstinance only education is ineffective.

I'm glad that Barak Obama was respectful enough to not target the kids of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

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