Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pink Police State and Obama

My cousin said something interesting recently:
Will it really injure our children to learn in school that some men love men, some women love women, we still love those people, and in some places it is legal for them to marry?

I certainly appreciate her thoughts on the matter and thought I would comment.

I think children should learn this and many other things about the world we live in. Personally, I think the fact that there are people who want to establish a worldwide caliphate and impose their religion and Sharia law on the West is probably a little more urgent and important than banning Gay Marriage. It seems to me, however, that the fact that there are people who want to wipe God out of American society and culture is not very different from the non-violent Islamic Fundamentalists. In both cases they are trying to force the will of a tiny minority on the public en masse.

On the one hand there's the rise of sexual and commercial liberation coincident with political repression embodied by the Pink Police State and on the other: the Taliban. Both sides of the same coin with the only difference being the prevailing method of social engineering: pleasure and terror (both of which require very little in terms of rational thought). On the scale of urgent social matters, I think the last thing I would worry about are fundamentalists drive to ban the convenience killing of viable newborns in the third trimester, or the anti-orgy bigotry of the middle class towards neighborhood sex parties, or the redefining of sexual, familial, and government roles to sanctify the actions of a tiny minority that the vast majority of poor unenlightened bourgeois America (including most African Americans) find absolutely repulsive.

I think children should understand that. Our democracy depends on it. The tiny oligarchies of supremists who 'interpret' Constitutional penumbras wholesale have already sown the seeds of this ultimately repressed society of enlightened civil libertarians.

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